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10 Comic Characters You Didn't Know Were Related

Dramatic reveals of secret family members in comics are about as common as a spandex outfit. While these wacky surprises are always interesting, they do have one negative result, because after a while, readers may begin to presume that every unusual family tie will be clearly handed to us on a silver platter.

But many of the weirdest family relations aren't given big reveals, instead lying in wait for you to discover them and spend the next week haunted by the realisation.

Because, when you find out that Lois Lane technically gave birth to Darkseid, or that Doc Ock almost married the woman who would become his parental figure, you can't help but let this knowledge linger in the darkest corners of your mind. When it's with characters you know and love, it almost feels like you've found out the hidden secret of a friend - carrying all the feelings of excitement and embarrassment that goes along with this.


And in these fictional worlds where anything can happen, it's reassuring to see that there are still things that can surprise us, even after all this time.