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Everyone loves to get a new look, a new car, or even a new job, as it shows growth. The same can be said for the heroes of the Marvel universe, as they redefine themselves in the eyes of the reader. Some of these transformations can force fans to rethink decades of prior Marvel history whether it be good or bad for the character. In the long run, the attempt to shake up the status quo should be commended.

The Marvel universe has stood the test of time for the last 81 years, with many iconic characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Hulk. However, over the years these characters can become stagnant and, in some cases, even boring. Therefore, the formula that so many people enjoy needs to be shaken up to drum up interest in the comic line.

Whether it be within the mainline 616 continuity or in alternate timelines and universes, the heroes and villains of the marvel universe have had many strange and wonderful transformations. In some of these cases, the alternate versions of mainstream characters have foreshadowed major shifts for characters in their traditional books.

So, with that being said, let us look at ten of Marvel's heroes that underwent radical transformations whether they be for good or for ill...