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While more ardent fans may remember the initial Best Things The MCU Did Differently To The Comics, it doesn't take a hardcore fan to recognise that a whole lot has gone on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since then.

With Avengers: Endgame now standing at the single highest grossing film of all time, it’s clear that there’s a whole lot of work that has gone into specifically tailoring the film franchise to be as successful as it is – tailoring that does at many points divert it from totally following the comics. And said work does truly need to be credited, as diverging from comic canon is where many superhero films fall short, but where the MCU succeeds. Given the infinite potential any changes had to ruin the franchise, those involved really should be commended for instead actually making it even better at some points.

A mix of creating scenes that never existed in the comics, purposefully playing with scenes that were in the comics, and just straight up doing things the comics did differently because of the different format makes the MCU a distinctly different experience to its comic origins – but all the greater for it.