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The last decade of action movies has been an exceptionally fruitful one, with an abundance of really great films coming from the popular genre. Usually seen as being just dumb fun, the 2010s proved that you can successfully combine a quality, interesting story with some gun-toting ninjas or savage martial artists.

That's why we've gone through the best the genre has given us during the last ten years and ranked them on all the qualities that make them so great. Although there's been a lot of terrible action flicks have been released - we're looking at you Michael Bay - we've managed to narrow it down to eight exceptional releases.

From already successful franchises that were revitalised under a new director to completely new properties that captured the imagination of moviegoers around the world, these were the action flicks that had the most impact on the genre during this time period. So get your popcorn ready, have your favourite beverage on hand and we'll start this list with the bang required.

Let's begin...