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10 Sci-Fi Movies That Broke All The Rules

Every movie is built on the conventions and rules of its genre, and while these rules can and do change over the years, for the most part Hollywood doesn't like to tinker too much with a winning formula.

The sci-fi genre is certainly no exception, typically defined by spacefaring adventures with colossal production budgets, often revolving around everyman protagonists thrust into the role of the world-saving hero.

Maybe there's time travel involved, or perhaps there are aliens - or possibly even both! Whatever the end result, the tropes associated with these genre elements are all incredibly well-defined.

But every so often, a filmmaker decides to push back against those conventions, daring to go in another direction altogether and leaving audiences thoroughly gobsmacked as a result.

These 10 films, all genre masterpieces and cult classics in their own right, cast the safe and successful rules aside and forged ahead on their own path, in turn massively subverting expectations in ways fantastic, mind-blowing, and sometimes more than a little confusing...