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10 Times Hollywood Regretted Giving Directors All The Freedom

No filmmaker, no matter how much of a corporate, hackneyed slave they may seem to the mainstream system, enjoys having their creative freedom stripped from them. But it's inescapable. For every Brett Ratner release, there's another cut of the film out there the filmmaker slightly prefers.

However, despite the constant struggle between artistic integrity and commercial entertainment, there are times when studios just have too much confidence in their new find.

The most noteworthy example of this is filmmaker Michael Cimino, who impressed Hollywood enough with his sophomore effort The Deer Hunter to secure financing for his epic about a land squabble between ranchers and immigrants. When United Artists visited the set, they found he'd essentially built a whole town.

The fiasco of Heaven's Gate deserves its own article, possibly more, but those who saw it at Cannes claim the original cut received an ovation. The studio just cowered at the ambition on display and saw fit to cut the feature by half.

There are, however, just as many examples of the studio pulling rank with complete justification. Some filmmakers just go rogue or have difficulty controlling their stable of talent. Here are some instances where creativity and money came to an impasse, often with mixed results.