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10 WWE Angles Ripped Straight From The Movies


Armed with a swaggering arrogance wrestling fans have come to know and love (or hate, depending on individual taste), Vince McMahon told filmmakers for the controversial doc 'Beyond The Mat' that he was more than just a pro wrestling promoter.

"We make movies", he said back in the late-90s.

That one quote might be far more accurate had McMahon said, 'We make movies sometimes, but other times we just lift ideas from the best Hollywood has to offer and turn them into wrestling angles'. That would've been bang on the money, because it's absolutely true - WWE has ripped stories straight from the film industry on multiple occasions.

It might seem like one at first glance, but that isn't a criticism. In fact, it makes perfect sense. If viewers can point at their screens and yell, 'Hey! I've seen this before!', then they'll know what to expect, and that 'comfort zone' feeling of knowing what's next can be an addictive, mentally pleasing one.

That's probably just as well, 'cause WWE show no signs that they're about to stop aping the silver screen. It's a tried and tested formula for them...