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8. Rey Has A Cheat Code To The Force

8. Rey Has A Cheat Code To The Force

Star Wars fans may not be able to agree on how good Rise of Skywalker is, but those who paid close attention will have realized how much credit JJ Abrams deserves for the amount of thought he put into this film, especially concerning how he handled the big reveals.

Now, to clarify, by 'big reveals' I’m not referring to the heavy-handed way in which Rey is shown to be Emperor Palpatine’s granddaughter or the goofy and over the top manner in which we learn that Palpatine is still alive. In a way those two revelations are nothing but loud distractions from the truly interesting secrets seeded throughout the film.

While we were digesting what we thought were the film’s bombshells, Abrams was definitively answering many of the most hotly debated questions in Star Wars lore and the crazy thing is that most of us missed it on the first viewing.