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The Batman Suit FULL Reveal - What You Need To Know

Another day on the internet, another piece of Batman news.

Most recently, it's the best look at Robert Pattinson's batsuit yet, coming from an ongoing shoot in Glasgow, Scotland, as what looks like a high speed chase is being filmed.


Showcasing Robert Pattinson's stuntman in full garb, the Matt Reeves' directed Bat looks to continue the armoured look from Dark Knight Rises, but with a material cowl covering the neck. Already this will please fans who didn't like the increasingly "soldier-like" exoskeleton of Christopher Nolan's final flick, but there are many other standout elements already being picked apart.

Notably, the size of his head. The forehead and cranium in particular look oversized, though it's likely this is because the stuntman's helmet needs to be padded out, considering what's being filmed.


Next up, the gauntlets. Bruce's new suit continues something from the Nolan trilogy (at least in terms of how a mainstream audience will recognise it), in that the forearm guards look to be threaded with metal bars, to guard against knives and blade attacks. This was mentioned in Batman Begins, and fits the notion of a "realistic" Batman considering his utility against various foes.


The sharp extending blade catchers attached to his forearms also remain, and compliment the "industrialised" look of the suit overall, with the main symbol apparently being made from the gun that killed his parents.

Lastly, it's worth pointing out that there's no cape in any of these shots, but look to the neckline and clearly there are run-off pieces of material that would likely become the cape - as in the recent Arkham games. The Batman's cape is likely CG... unless this is the first version we're getting without one.

Overall, it's a powerful and immediately tactile suit that people are already comparing to Ben Affleck's version and Christian Bale's.

Let us know where you come down on it, and no doubt there'll be more updates as the movie continues production.