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10 Best Vampire Video Games

Vampires have been a part of mainstream media since its inception, and video games are no exception.

Their romanticised nature and limitless potential can be altered and tweaked to allow for virtually any genre. Staying young forever is certainly an attractive idea, being able to stop friends and family from ageing or just being able to see and do everything the world has to offer.

Specifically in video games, the allure of fighting or playing as something as powerful and sinister as a vampire has appealed to all of us, and they have managed to make an appearance in a nearly all genres. Whether used for comedy value and downright fun in games like The Sims, to touching on deeper and more philosophical themes in the likes of the Legacy Of Kain series, these creatures of the night are hugely adaptable.

With Halloween almost upon us and vampires, witches and all other manner of unholy creatures loose, what better time to look at some of the best?

From being able to live out your bloodthirsty fantasy to battling creatures of the night, these are the best vampire games to skin your teeth into, pun intended.