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10 WORST Mini Games Absolutely Crucial To Complete The Game

At the best of times, mini-games can add a welcome change of pace to a game and maybe even enhance its replay value, as you get stuck into an unexpectedly addictive diversion to the main campaign.

But quite sensibly, even the most well-crafted mini-games tend to be optional excursions, because sometimes players just want to get on with the story and progress through the game proper without having to jump through a bunch of hoops.

However, there are those games that misguidedly decided to bamboozle players with compulsory, unskippable mini-games, and more to the point, those mandatory mini-games sometimes happened to be absolutely infuriating.

Whether impossibly difficult or simply joylessly dull, these 10 must-play mini-games all added considerable and totally unnecessary baggage to otherwise terrific games, making players temporarily miserable in the process.

Though these thoroughly naff and obnoxious mini-games provided perhaps only a temporary blip in their respective experiences, those feelings of anguished resentment continue to live on regardless...