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Assassin’s Creed quickly became one of Ubisoft’s signature properties following the 2007 release of the original game, which attracted major plaudits for its gameplay innovation and storyline blend of history and fiction. Since that year, there have been just three (2008, 2016 and 2019) where a new entry in the series hasn’t been released.

This has attracted fair criticism for oversaturation but has allowed the ongoing narrative to visit a vast range of interesting periods across history, letting players explore vast landscapes and interact with all manner of historical figures.

It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but the next game in the franchise seems set to take players to the Viking Age. Takes on Denmark, Norway and various territorial conquests (such as parts of Britain, Iceland, Greenland and Finland) will likely be explorable.

Add this to the world-spanning settings of the ten previous main titles and possibilities for interesting future settings are starting to look a bit slim. This applies even if ones that have only been touched upon in side games (of which there have been a lot) are acceptable for re-use on a grander scale.

Here are eight eras and locations that would certainly help the franchise successfully reach its twentieth anniversary later in the decade.