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From the time we're brought up, people tell us that it's best to make a good first impression. Music seems to be a little trickier on that front though.

Many bands step up to the plate on their first record without having hit on what their sound is yet. This leads to many debuts sounding like a band finding their feet. Usually it takes a band a couple of records before they really hit their stride and become the band that they really want to be. There are many pleasant exceptions to this rule though.

Over the years, bands have come out with terrific debuts that pack a massive punch from the beginning. These records either give the band a great foundation where they don't need to stray from their roots, or provide a launch pad upon which they can begin adding thoughtful touches to their already stellar track record.

It's definitely no easy feat to deliver an album of pure concentrated kick-ass, but these bands are able to hit on perfection right off the bat.