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10 Horrific Fates Suffered By Doctor Who Characters

Travelling across time and space with the Doctor would be an absolute blast. Meeting famous historical figures, exploring futuristic cities, journeying back to see the origins of the universe. Who wouldn't accept an invitation to board the TARDIS?

If you ever find yourself in that enviable position though, you should probably take a second or two to think about the possible negative outcomes of your journey. Violent death, complicated time paradoxes, having your memories wiped, missing out on a normal domestic life: all of these things could happen, and as amazing and mind-blowing as the Doctor Who universe can be, it also has a dark side.

For proof of that, just look at the countless horrific fates that have befallen various characters over the years. Some of the things that happened to these poor souls are so grim that they probably would've chosen a quick and easy death if they knew what the universe eventually had in store for them.

Eaten alive, transforming into a monster, succumbing to a terrible disease, being trapped within unbreakable chains... welcome to Doctor Who - a family friendly show.