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10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Stargate

Digging behind the scenes on any show can be fascinating but Stargate holds several secrets that are extremely interesting, coming to light even now. There was a lot of changes throughout the course of the various shows, with SG-1 receiving the longest run at ten seasons, Atlantis coming in second with five seasons, while Universe only received two. Infinity received one, and here ends the discussion of Infinity in this list.

From characters who disappear and actors who suffers their pains to get through a shoot, plenty went on behind the camera to bring the shows to light.

There was a chance as well that the seasons that have been released, along with the direct-to-DVD movies, would have all been tied off with a final TV movie, wrapping up all of the loose plot threads (did anyone ever notice that huge invisible city floating just off San Francisco bay?) but alas, it was not to be.

Extreme care and detail went into crafting much of what would eventually appear on screen, while care also went into the elements that would never see the light of day. New effects were added while some of the mainstays from the original film returned.

Stargate remains a franchise with a devoted fanbase - here are some of the facts to interest them all.