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Futurama: You Won't Get 100% On This True Or False Fry Quiz!

The man, the myth, the thousand-year-old ginger cartoon legend, Philip J Fry may only still be gracing our screens courtesy of reruns and video on demand services, but his singular, brain-dead vision lives on in our conversation hearts.

Protagonist of the animated sci-fi comedy series Futurama, Fry was first introduced in 1999 in the show's first episode, Space Pilot 3000, and lived to at least the grand old age of several thousand years - or 20 duodecillion, depending on your view of time travel. The show concluded in 2013, and saw Fry and Leela get the happiness they deserve before agreeing to travel back in time with Professor Farnsworth and do it all over again.

Futurama gave a more adult and alternative edge to fans of great animated television for fourteen years before passing the torch to the new generation of shows it inspired, including a little project called Rick and Morty. The series' legacy may never have stepped out of the culture-defining shadow of that other Matt Groening property, but our favourite futuristic idiot has nonetheless bumbled his way into the zeitgeist, and will live on as several classic memes, if nothing else.

So, to quote the infinite words of a simpler mind, "What do you say, wanna go around again?"