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10. Forcing "Star Trek" Into Enterprise

10. Forcing "Star Trek" Into Enterprise

The Star Trek franchise has seen its share of ups and downs over its illustrious 50 year history. Star Trek's many installments have endured cancellation, corporate penny-pinching, writers strikes, cast departures, and big budget flops. And it has always managed to bounce back.

We're entering a new Star Trek renaissance thanks to its recent revival on television, but the road to Star Trek saturation hasn't always been smooth. Worse than the random bad luck the franchise has suffered over the years are the self-inflicted wounds unintentionally inflicted by the people charged with shepherding our favorite space-based entertainment. Of course no one deliberately sets out to assassinate a character or kill your childhood, but the producers of Star Trek have occasionally made... choices.

Here are ten of those decisions that are little more than unforgivable sins against the Star Trek Universe (that you know we're going forgive).