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10 Wrestlers That Knew They Were Saying Something Stupid As They Said It

It may not look or feel that way when your least favourite Raw or SmackDown starts another woefully-scripted promo with "Tonight..." and reduces literally every single action to bad banter, but WWE have always strived for believability from their primary orators.

Hulk Hogan's overblown theatrics were of-the-time enough to resonate as real in Ronald Regan's America. The Ultimate Warrior's bullsh*t was blatantly just that, but better listening to a wild-haired wildman talking about rocket fuel than a life coach in a snapback giving it big ones on destrucity. John Cena couldn't connect with half the audience at various points but the other half bought into it so literally that Vince McMahon's running football leagues with the profits today.

Believability has transcended generations. From Eric Bischoff's broom to Renee Young's pet groomer, the company have even hired their announce teams with the principle thinking that if they can successfully sell something - anything - with convincing tone and believable poise, they'll be a perfect fit.


They're traits they need from their wrestlers too, not least when they're being given manure to flog as ice cream. Getting a concept or an idea over isn't the easiest when it's good, let alone when it's not...