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10 WWE Stipulations That Only Had One Good Match


Pro wrestling has been obsessed with stipulation bouts for the longest time, and it's not hard to see why.

Placing two (or more) warring rivals into a gimmick match and letting chaos reign should theoretically result in increased fan interest. That's certainly what WWE were hoping for with 2020's latest attempts - they knew that "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" branding for Edge vs. Randy Orton would get people talking, just as they know this ongoing 'Eye For An Eye' business involving Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio has piqued curiosity.

WCW also tried to throw absolutely everything Vince Russo could think of into fans' faces as it died a slow death in 2000. The sheer number of object 'On A Pole' matches they promoted could be a list all on its lonesome, but nobody wants to relive such horrors. How about reliving some WWE ones instead?

There are a remarkable number of McMahon-inspired stips that only produced one noteworthy match. Maybe the gimmick itself sucked, or the line-up of opponents chosen just didn't cut it, but 99% of bouts promoted under these quirky attempts to freshen up pay-per-view selling points fell flat.

Except this bunch of anomalies. They somehow pulled off miracles...